Code of Conduct Review Policy

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If you have a question regarding the Phoebus Little League Code of Conduct or need to report an incident, please contact our Phoebus Little League Code of Conduct Review Board. You may be asked to complete a PHLL Conduct Complaint Form, which is available at the bottom of this page.


The Phoebus Little League is held to the highest standard as it pertains to the safety, development and physical/mental well-being of every child participating or otherwise engaged with the League and /or its sponsored activities regardless if on or off the property of Phoebus Little League. Every volunteer, to include Board Members in all positions, Managers, Coaches, Parents and Spectators need to have a positive influence on our players and will be held to such standard that does not detract or adversely affect the players, other volunteers, or safe and effective operation of the League.

Conduct Review Committee

The Phoebus Little League Board of Directors has instituted a Code of Conduct Policy that will help enforce an acceptable Code of Conduct for all players, spectators, volunteers and members who participate in Phoebus Little League activities. A Conduct Review Committee consisting of a three member panel (one Chairman and two board members) appointed by the League President or his/her designee, will evaluate each reported incident to determine the matter and if warranted, exact the appropriate action. A Code of Conduct Incident Complaint must be filed in legible writing outlining the date, time and explanation of incident as well as a list of any witnesses. This complaint may be filed by any player, spectator, guest or volunteer and can be received by any Manager, Coach, Umpire, Board Member or Volunteer to be delivered directly to the League President to present to the Chairman of the Conduct Review Committee for review. This method of reporting infractions and incidents will formalize the League’s manner inwhich it handles matters of professionalism, conduct and behavior so to maintain the highest level of professionalism and positive environment to all in achieving the ultimate objective of teaching our kids and setting the most positive example possible.

Three Strike Policy

All participants, players, volunteers and board members with the Phoebus Little League will adhere to the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” principle. The Conduct Review Committee will assign Strikes according to the severity of each found incident. Depending on the incident, an infraction can carry more than one Strike as determined by the Conduct Review Committee. Figure 1 is only a guideline for assignment of Strikes by the committee. Strikes may only be filed against an individual if a majority of the Conduct Review Committee determines that an infraction has been committed. All decisions made by the Conduct Review Committee are at their discretion and all decisions are Final. Strikes are cumulative each calendar year and will not carry over into the next season, however if any person’s conduct is found to be so egregious or intentionally jeopardizes the safety of another or criminal in nature, that person may be barred from returning to the League indefinitely. Assigned Strikes will be used by the Board as a method of evaluating and accepting Volunteer Positions each year.

Evaluation Procedure

A Code of Conduct Incident may be filed in legible writing and submitted to any Manager, Coach, Umpire, Board Member or Volunteer. Member(s) from the Conduct Review Committee will respond to periodically monitor and evaluate games throughout the season. They will file a Game Report Summary for each game he/she attends if an incident occurs that likely violates the League’s Code of Conduct. A Code of Conduct Incident complaint may be filed by the member of this panel if they feel that a Manager, Coach, Umpire, Spectator or Player has not adhered to the Code of Conduct Policy. A member of the Conduct Review Committee will recuse themselves if a complaint is made upon them or any player that they coach or any family member. The President in concert with the remaining members of the Committee will elect an alternate to serve in place of the other member with conflicting interest for the purpose of reviewing that particular complaint.


Notice of Infraction

The Conduct Review Committee will serve in person or send via the United States Post Office a Notice of Conduct Infraction to the offending party with a description of the resulting penalty. Examples of applicable penalties are included in Figure 2 as a reference.



Board Members, Managers, Coaches and Volunteers are entrusted with the well-being of the participants in the Phoebus Little League. It is critical that each child have a positive experience with his/her participation. Umpires, Volunteers, Parents and Players all must be educated in Code of Conduct expectations and enforcement. The Conduct Review Committee must be consistent in its enforcement of this policy to provide a healthy and fair playing environment for all participants with the Phoebus Little League.



Attached is an example of certain violations, the corresponding penalties and strikes associated with the violations. This is ONLY a guideline for maintaining a consistent method in addressing and enforcing violations and infractions of Phoebus Little League’s Code of Conduct. The list attached is not limited to all violations. Any complaint heard by the Conduct Review Committee and any findings associated with complaints not specified herein, will utilize this guideline to determine the most appropriate action to be taken.

Reference Chart and Actions

Figure 1: Examples (not limited to all offenses or incidents) of Strike Assignment

One Strike Two Strikes Three Strikes
Foul Language from a Player, Umpire, Fan, Manager or Coach Manager, Coach, Umpire or Spectator criticizing a Player or Umpire in a foul or abusive manner or otherwise displays disruptive behavior that brings
discourse to the game or League

Physical Abuse or fighting of any kind

Abuse of Phoebus Little League’s or other individual’s Property


Criminal Activity

Player criticizing a participant in a foul, threatening or abusive manner



Figure 2: Action to be Taken Based on Strikes

Strike One Strike Two Strike Three

All Participants will be put on Notice of Infraction

Manger will step down to lesser Volunteer Position

Suspension from League for remainder of year

Participant will be suspended for 1 Game

Coach will step down to lesser Volunteer Position

Probation for following year


Offenses by a Board Member will result in them vacating their Board Position unless such infraction occurred while performing as a Manager or Coach which is covered above

During/Under Probation, Participants will start with 2 Strikes


Player will be suspended for 2 weeks or 4 games



Conduct Review Policy
PHLL Conduct Complaint Form.pdf